Bioenergy from Forest 2016 - Book of Proceedings is published

Bioenergy from Forest 2016 - Book of Proceedings is published and you will find it [here]

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Presenation [here] Book of Preceedings [here]

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Bioenergy from Forest Conference

Bioenergy from Forest Conference will be held at Ilveslinna, Jämsä from 31st of August to 1st of September 2016. Ilvveslinna is located clos

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Bioenergy from Forest 2016 Topics

TOPIC 1: Biomass Policies, Markets and Sustainability

  • Biomass strategies and policies: National, regional, local bioenergy and bioeconomy strategies strategies related to wood and forest energy; Forest biomass; Biomass utilisation concepts for bioenergy and biobased products; National Renewable Energy Action Plans; Integration of bioenergy with other renewable sources; Public perception and acceptance.
  • Markets, Investments & Financing: Global bioenergy markets; Bioenergy commodities trading, contracting and long distance transport; Externalities assessment; Economic viability of bioenergy projects; Financial support schemes; Market stimulation policies.
  • Resource efficient bioeconomy: Innovation, growth, job creation; Socio-economic opportunities, competition and risk mitigation of the increased use of biomass for food, feed, fibre, fuel, health, bio-materials and green chemistry.
  • Environmental impacts of bioenergy: Indirect land use change (ILUC); Agricultural intensification; Assessment of GHG reduction and carbon capture; Estimated contribution to the mitigation of climate change; Agro-environmental assessments in temperate and tropical regions.
  • Sustainability assessment and criteria: Life cycle analyses, sustainability schemes, certification, national and international standards related to sustainability; labelling for bioenergy from forest and bio-products; support programmes; scientific monitoring; Sustainable resource management.

TOPIC 2: Forest Biomass Resources and Production

  • Biomass potentials and biomass mobilization: Assessments of forest biomass potentials and land availability at regional / national / international levels; Biomass mobilisation; Biomass logistics; Spatial modelling and remote sensing.
  • Biomass feedstock, residues and by-products: Supply of residues and by-products from forestry and forest industry; mobilisation, characterisation, harvest technologies, logistics and storage.
  • Short rotation forestry and short rotation coppice: Agricultural production of woody biomass: plant breeding, cultivation, characterisation, harvest technologies, logistics and storage.
  • Forest Biomass Production: Final felling, thinning energy wood harvest technologies, mobile chippers, bailing tehnologies, transport technologies and logistics entrepreneurship and fuel storage.
  • Forest Fuel Production Technology and Economy: Logistics and production technologies of biomasses from forest; Business models, procurement and transport systems, quality and cost handling, energy efficiency and economy of bioenergy production chains, management and operational tools.


TOPIC 3: Processes for Solid Fuels from Forest Biomass

  • Production and supply of solid biofuels:Technologies for solid biofuel production: chipping, pelletising, briquetting, etc.; Production, characterisation and combustion properties of solid forest biofuels from innovative feed stocks; Solid biofuel logistics and storage.
  • Advanced solid biofuels:Thermal upgrading of solid biofuels: torrefaction, (hydrothermal) carbonisation, charcoal production, etc.

TOPIC 4: Biomass Combustion and Power

  • Solid forest biomass combustion and boiler technologies and systems for industries:Technologies and systems for industries; Combustion and boiler performance; Industrial by-product properties.
  • District heating:Technologies and systems for municipalities, bioenergy boiler systems connected with other renewables, implementation tools, legislation facts and specialties’ by countries; Fuel demands and boiler and biofuel certification (billets, fire wood, pellets, wood chips, bioliquers etc).
  • House blocks, small houses, agriculture and Innovative concepts for stoves: Small boilers, firewood and pellet stoves and ovens; Low emission solution and reduction of emisssions; Technologies and systems for small houses.
  • Power plants: Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP), co-firing, combustion and boiler systems and technologies, carbon dioxide capture; Technologies and systems for CHP production, market implementations; Co-combustion with peat.
  • Small scale technologies and systems for CHP production: Technologies and systems for small scale CHP production; Market implementations.
  • Micro-CHP, steam and stirling engines, organic rankine cycles: Technologies and systems for Micro-CHP production; Stirling engines for CHP production; Development of ORC technology
  • Gasification for power, CHP and polygeneration: Technologies and systems for gasification; Gasification combined with engines, turbines and boilers.

TOPIC 5: Chemical Forest Biomass Conversion Products

  • Synthesis gas production and biofuel production: Fundamental studies; Technology development; Gas cleaning and upgrading; By-product utilisation. Production of fuels (FT-diesel, aviation fuels, methane, etc.) and chemicals from syngas.
  • Pyrolysis and other biomass liquefaction technologies: Production of liquid bioenergy carriers from solid biomass: Fundamentals and studies; Technology development; Process characterisation and modelling; Bio-crude-oil upgrading and utilisation (combustion tests, chemical extraction, gasification, etc.); By-product utilisation.
  • Anaerobic digestion for biogas production: Characterisation and optimisation of anaerobic digestion; Plant and fermenter concepts; Anaerobic fermentation of innovative feedstocks; Biogas utilisation for power, CHP and poly-generation
  • Production and supply of biomethane: Upgrading of methane rich gases (biologically and thermochemically produced) and biomethane grid injection.
  • Oil-based biofuels: Innovative processes for the production of oil-based fuels (biodiesel, jet fuel, etc.) from oilseeds, algae, wastes, etc.
  • Biorefineries: Integrated multi-product approaches; (Combined) production of fuels, chemicals and materials from biomass; Sugar fermentation to other chemicals than ethanol; Drop in fuels, bioplastics, hydrogen, etc.
  • Bioethanol production and sugar release from lignocellulosic biomass: Lignocellulosic ethanol: Pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass, cellulose hydrolysis, C6 and C5 fermentation; Innovations in bioethanol production from starch / sugar plants.

TOPIC 6: Business Concepts and Demostration

  • Forest Biomass utilisation for heating and cooling: Bio-heat integration into household heating; District heating; Heat and cool supply to industry; Recovery of process heat and waste heat.
  • Biomass utilisation for power generation: Biomass use by utilities; CHP projects; Innovative business concepts such as virtual power plants pooling decentralised micro-CHP plants and stationary engines.
  • Forest based Biofuels for transport: Liquid and gaseous biofuel utilisation in cars, heavy transport, aviation; Transportation fuel markets; Biofuel blending, distribution and logistics.
  • Industrial biorefineries and bio-products: Industrial initiatives on biorefineries and utilisation of lignocellulosic biomass; Integrationinto existing industrial processes; (Combined) production of fuels, chemicals, materials, bioplastics, fertilizers, etc.